Geelani Condemns Acid Attack, Says It is Un-Islamic


KL Desk


Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani has expressed his concern and grief over the assault and acid attack on a young school teacher and demanded stringent action against the accused.

In his statement from Delhi, terming the act as un-Islamic, heinous and wicked, Geelani said, “in a civilized society  there is no place for such  kind of barbaric acts.”

While extending his sympathy to the affected family, Geelani said, ‘’I am deeply grieved over the incident and for me this has proved very painful.”

“Co-education, cell phones and criminal behavior of ruling authorities are the basic origins which are responsible for promoting the waywardness and crimes in a society and  we are being deprived off the ethical values,” he added.

Emphasizing parents to take care of their children, Geelani said that the people vested with authority, could do a lot but they do not share their duty, so the responsibility lies over the parents to keep watch over their children.

Accusing teachers of minting money, Geelani said, “education in real sense is a radiance but the present defective education system has not yielded the proper results .Its total aim has turned to be job oriented and teachers are more interested in minting money than personality development of students.”

While expressing his concern over the mushroom growth of coaching centers and free mixing of the youth, Geelani in his appeal to people, teachers and the prominent citizens, said that they should take note of suggestions for   separate coaching centers  for young generation and take proper measures in this direction.

Expressing his concern over the growing offenses against the women folk, Geelani reiterated that women in Islam is not a distorted lot but instead Islam has conferred them with regard and honor.

“Women , whether a mother, sister or a daughter is respectable but Islam has identified some boundaries and limitations for her .They have been prohibited from affectation .It is one main reason that aggression against the women is at an alarming stage because of the reason that they are copying the west and have  discarded their  modesty,” said the ailing leader.


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