Geelani Corners Omar Govt Over Rehabilitation Claims

KL Report


While expressing his anguish and concern over the government’s failure to provide compensation to the “6 lakh displaced people who have been left homeless by the recent floods,” Chairman Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani said that as the winter season is nearing and only a month is left with these people to construct or rebuild their houses so that they can withstand in the harsh winter of this region.

In a statement, Huriyat (G) chairman said that the NGOs can only provide the ration and other daily use material to the people but to rehabilitate the homeless people and to compensate their losses can only be done by the government which is their professional responsibility towards the people and it will not be any act of favor for the people of the state.

Geelani said that when the government has already formulated a rehabilitation policy for the return of the migrant Pandits in which every Pandith family is to be given 20 lakh rupees, so the compensation for the destroyed houses due to the floods should be on the same lines and the compensation should reach the deserving people as soon as possible.

Geelani said that 80 per cent population of Jammu & Kashmir have got affected by the recent floods and every rich and poor man have suffered due to it but the people whose houses have got completely destroyed or who have suffered partial damages and are unsafe to live in should be given immediate attention and if the compensation for the construction of their houses is not provided forthwith then this issue will take ugly turn in the incoming winter season and a big question will arise for them that where will they go with their children and who will provide them the shelter?

While strongly condemning the “unwanted delay” by the government in this regard, Geelani  said that instead of discussing the matters of the homeless and displaced people of the state, “the rulers and politicians are looking at the incoming election drama and they also want to play politics over the survey reports of the damaged houses and the matter of compensation.”

“The government of India in this regard is not only adopting indiscriminative policy against Kashmiries but they want that the people of Kashmir should be left to die,” he said.

He said that the rehabilitation plan has been formulated for the migrant Pandits in which each Pandit family will be given 20 lakh rupees and it is not too much in this era of inflation but according to the reports received till now “the compensation fixed for construction of the demolished house of the flood victim is a cruel joke and it is even impossible with this amount to remove the demolished structure from its place.


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