Geelani Express Serious Concerns About Deteriorating Health Of Dr Faktoo


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Chairman Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani while urging International Red Cross Committee to fulfill their responsibility and save life of Dr Faktoo detained since last 20 years. Geelani while referring to separatist leader Dr Mohamad Qasim Faktoo, expressed his deep concern over his   deteriorating health and added that jail authorities are not serious about his health and are not providing proper treatment to him.

“Dr Faktoo is suffering from lumber pain and his eyesight has reduced considerably,” said Geelani and added “God forbid if his eyes were not operated in time, the chances that he may lost his eyesight cannot be ruled out.”

As per a statement Geelani in his appeal to all ‘virtuous and honest’ people stressed to take note of the “callous attitude of authorities and added that even after serving the jail term, Dr Faktoo is not being released from jail nor he is being provided proper treatment.” Geelani while terming the continuous detention as political vengeance said, Dr Qasim has completed his jail term a year ago.

Referring Omar Abdullah, Geelani said that his statement with respect to Dr Faktoo  is  on the record wherein he had said that  he want to see him (Dr. Faktoo) die in prison. Hurriyat chairman has said, “Though the lifer means 14 year imprisonment, it was however extended up to 20 years under TADA Act. He has completed the 20 years imprisonment on May 31, 2012” and added as matter of fact, the constitution they refer, then they should have released him, added Geelani. However, he said that even a year after the unlawful detention Omar Abdullah administration failed to specify the reason for his continuous and unjustified detention and added the administration failed to explain that till how long this process would continue. “Qasim Faktoo is neither threat for law and order nor poses a danger and his continued detention as incomprehensible,” said Geelani.

Hurriyat chairman said, “Dr Qasim has established a record of good behavior and obtained a doctorate degree in jail and with his assistance and academic approach hundreds of jail inmates continued their education in jail and even obtained degrees in various education sectors. During his 21-year jail term in prison, his conduct and behavior has remained satisfactory and never indulged in unacceptable activities.” Even the Jail authorities have honored him for his good behavior and his jail mates had no complaints regarding his conduct, he said.

Terming his continuous detention a politically motivated and a severe violation of human rights Geelani said that instead of all his good behavior, Dr Qasim is not being released. Geelani said that this kind of unjustified policy have no place in a civilized society and while expressing his serious concern about the deteriorating health of Dr Faktoo that in case any unseemly happens then Omer Abdullah would be held as responsible. Hurriyat chairman has appealed ICRC stationed in the Valley and urged to take immediate notice of the case of Dr Qasim’s health risks and fulfill their obligations.


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