Geelani Ups Ante Against Polls, Says ‘Mainstream Power Hungry’

KL Report


While terming the eagerness regarding the holding of election drama in Kashmir as unkind thinking of the Indian policy makers and self-centered thinking of the Kashmiri pro-Indian politicians, Chairman Hurriyat )G) Syed Ali Geelani said that at the time when the destructive floods have snatched everything from the Kashmiri people and when they are living a life in coma, even talking about the election ‘drama’ is sorrowful and it proves that the rulers of New Delhi and Srinagar have nothing to do with the miseries of the people and they are only concerned with their benefits.

In a statement issued, the Huriyat (G) chairman said, ”holding of election drama in presence of 7.5 lakh Indian army in Kashmir is although a military operation and a cruel joke but talking about the elections in this situation which arose after the recent floods is equal to adding to the pain and sufferings of the people and it is also an attempt to hide the reality of destruction in Jammu and Kashmir from the outer world and by announcing the holding of election drama, India want to give an impression to the international community that everything is ok in Jammu & Kashmir. In the Saturday’s press release, the hurriyat chairman said that the recent floods and the situation thereafter have entirely exposed the authorities in New Delhi and NC and PDP like pro-Indian political parties of Jammu & Kashmir that they are only interested in the power politics. He further said that the recent floods have shown us that how did they disappeared from the entire Jammu & Kashmir as if they were never existent anywhere. They neither did anything for saving the people and nor have they any role in reaching out to the affected people with relief and aid.”

Geelani said that now when the elections are nearing, they have started to come out from their hides and now they are showing fake love and affection for the people who were left to die in floods. “Now they will begin to visit the every effected area and they will show fake sympathy with the people and they will give different reasons for the holding of election drama. These people are having chameleon character who are faithless and have no religion,” he said.


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