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Expressing serious reservations regarding the court-martial of army personnel involved in Machil Fake encounter, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said Machil and all such similar cases should be heard in civil courts under wide public gaze instead in the closed rooms due to lack of transparency.

Addressing a public gathering at Shangus in south Kashmir’s Islambad district, Mirwaiz said that countless incidents like Machil have occurred in Kashmir during which innocent civilians were killed, adding, however till date not a single army personnel was held responsible or punished for the crime he committed.

Demanding the immediate removal of bunkers and watch towers from Kashmir, Mirwaiz said bunkers were becoming the main cause of innocent killings. He said the round the clock watch by Indian forces on civilian populations has snatched every bit of privacy the people had and turned their lives hellish.

While appealing people to be steadfast and be united in the current ongoing freedom struggle, Mirwaiz said that no force in the world could strangulate the popular aspirations of people on gun point. He said ups and downs were part of people’s struggle, adding, instead of losing faith, people should stick to their stand like a rock and that day is not far when people would see the light of freedom.

He said the disputed status of Kashmir and relentless sacrifices of the people of the land has been acknowledged globally. Hence, Mirwaiz said the time has come that India should shun its obstinate policy and start a result oriented, meaningful dialogue to solve the issue.

Mirwaiz said hurriyat never wanted confrontations between the two nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. He said the conglomerate wants both the nations should befriend each other and improve their relations, adding, the friendship between the two nations could only last when the basic cause of tension-Kashmir issue- between them is solved according to the UN resolutions or through result oriented tripartite dialogue between the three stake holders of the dispute. He said hurriyat would be more than ready to act as a facilitator on any effort or dialogue process aimed at solving the Kashmir dispute.

Mirwaiz said the Kashmiri struggle for freedom was indigenous as public revolutions of 2008, 2009, and 2010 clearly testify that. He said people from jammu actively took part in the movement so did the people of Shangas who offered innumerable sacrifices for the cause.

Addressing a Friday gathering at Shangas Jamia masjid, Mirwaiz expressed serious concern over the increasing moral degradation and waywardness in the Kashmiri society.  He said it was a cause of concern that the kashmiri youth was increasingly getting inclined towards materialism.

Mirwaiz said it was highly unfortunate that in the current era many unislamic books can be found on the book shelves, but not a single copy of Quran translated in Kashmiri by Majar-e-Millat Moulana Mohamamd Yousuf Shah. He said it aptly narrates the callousness of people toward Muslim scholars and  Muslim Culture and tradition. He said it was the duty of parents to impart good education to their wards and keep an eye on their activities. If their children do something bad, he said the parents should deal it with strictly.

Terming islam as a complete religion, Mirwaiz appealed people to strictly adhere to the teaching if Islam and implement it in their daily lives to bring social reforms and build a better society for the future.


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