GMC Jammu Cardiologist Attempts Suicide, HME Seeks Report


SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir government has sought a report from the principal GMC Jammu about the “alleged harassment” of a doctor, whose video has surfaced on social media.

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“A report regarding the video which has surfaced in social media alleging harassment of a doctor in GMC Jammu has been sought from Principal GMC Jammu by Secretary, Health and Medical Education Department,” a brief tweet by the Health and Medical Education Department J&K.

The tweet was apparently in response to a small video clip in which a Kashmiri cardiologist, Dr Owais Wani is seen crying with blood oozing out of his head. He is alleging saying that he attempted suicide because his head of the department is harassing him. He apparently is trying to push people away.

The video was shared by National Conference spokesperson, Sara Hayat Shah on her Twitter. “Dr Owais Wani, a Kashmiri cardiologist tried to attempt suicide at GMC Jammu, very disturbing video and details,” she wrote. “Requesting J&K police to kindly help him.”

In the brief video, he is heard saying that his head of the department is harassing him. Apparently, it seems the department had to issue some documents to two doctors – one each from Rajasthan and another from Kashmir. While the one from Rajasthan has been given the documents 10 days back, Dr Wani in this video is alleging that he has been waiting for the same for 11 days. This, he says has led him to attempt suicide.

This is the second incident in the academic circles of Jammu that people are seeing suicide as an option. Early this month, a psychology professor who was supposed to head his department by the month’s end, hanged himself in his university room. It was later discovered that the Scheduled Caste professor was a victim of harassment. Dr Owaise Wani is the second case in which the attempt has failed.

Reports said that the GMC’s cardiology department has emerged a theatre of sorts as it is divided between two groups. The video, they said, is almost four day old.


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