Goni Wholly And Solely Responsible For Cricket Scandal: Kamal


KL Report


National Conference senior leader Dr Shiekh Mustafa Kamal Saturday claimed that former political secretary to Dr Farooq Abdullah, Mohammad Aslam Goni is wholly and solely responsible for the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association Scam that hit the state in 2012.

“To save his skin and to swindle that ‘looted’ money, Goni has joined Congress party as he knew it well that NC was not going to help him in this regard and he would be find himself behind the bars one day,” Kamal told a local news agency, CNS adding that Congress is the party of burglars and it has welcomed one more burglar in its fold.

Kamal revealed that before joining Congress party, Goni had gone to New Delhi where Dr Farooq Abdullah bluntly refused to help him and warned him that he would face the music for his wrong doings.

“It was Farooq Abdullah who gave him identity and now he has stabbed his back. Goni is a liar and opportunist. He is misleading people by claiming that he sacrificed the post of High Court Judge for NC but the fact is that Governor had returned his file terming him incompetent for the post of High Court Judge,” Kamal said.


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