Good Teachers, Doctors, Engineers will Make Our Society Better: PDP’s Para



Waheed Ur Rehman addressing students in this file picture.
Waheed Ur Rehman addressing students in this file picture.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) youth President Waheed ur Rehman Para on Wednesday said that the youths of the state, should “shun” the traditional careers, chose innovative fields and explore new territories like small and large entrepreneurship.

Para while congratulating the eight people from the state who qualified the Union Civil Services Examinations, termed them as “role models for the young people, who want to pursue their careers in Civil Service”.

“If the young people want to act as catalysts of change and bring in a long-lasting, then we should have experts in every field: be it technocrats, economists, entrepreneurs, or teachers or pilots or politics,” he said. “In politics, Chief Minister and PDP president Ms Mehbooba Mufti is the biggest role model. Her entire focus is on youth and she is pulling youth from desperation to reading Centers and working on innovative ways to meet their demands.”

He said, “the young women like Dr Ruveda Salam, should become the face of changing Jammu and Kashmir as she was the first women IPS officer from the state and has again qualified the Civil Services Examinations.”

“Young people are the heart and soul of nation but parents should not force their children to live a dream, which they don’t want to excel in. Instead, we should encourage children to make a carrier in a filed in which they are interested and could become role models for the others,” Para said.

Para was speaking to a group of young boys and girls in Srinagar at an informal interaction today.

“We should produce IAS officers every year but everyone should not think that is the only field in life, where you can excel. If a society has dearth of better teachers, would it produce people like Dr Ruveda Salam, Dr Shah Faisal or Athar Aamir ul Shafi Khan? You need to have good teachers, doctors, engineers and scientists than only out society would become better,” Para said.


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