Google searching Kashmir

A high ranking team from Google, invited by Mercy Corps is coming to Kashmir to share entrepreneurial and digital skills. Tasavur Mushtaq reports

Kashmir is often searched on Google by people in Kashmir as well as outside. But Google searching the Kashmir is not what one gets to see every day. Well, it is just what seems on the card.

The search engine giant is sending a 10 member team to Kashmir for understanding, analyzing and cultivating the skills of entrepreneurship and digital tools to support the development of technology and empowerment in the valley.

Google Office

The team, likely to arrive on October 31st, in collaboration with Mercy Corps-an International Development Agency is scheduled to organize a one day workshop for tech-savvies in Kashmir on November 3 in SKICC, providing them a chance to engage directly with high-level executives, engineers, and developers from Google.

First, of its kind in South Asia, the event has been named G/Kashmir. “G/Kashmir will provide Kashmiri students, businesses, marketers, techies, developers, publishers, content owners, entrepreneurs, and internet enthusiasts of all kinds a chance to engage directly with the latest and greatest from the Google,” says Usman Ahmad, Director Kashmir chapter of Mercy Corps.

Anyone who is on the internet has used Google. It has changed the way people use the internet and has been instrumental in organising the information of world and make it universally acceptable and useful.

Together with Mercy Corps, Google has been promoting economic development and empowering communities in other parts of the globe. “Google with Mercy Corps has helped youth in West bank and Gaza of Palestine to promote the technology for entrepreneurship and skill enhancement,” says Usman.

Kashmir chapter of Mercy Corps is engaging the leading global companies to work together for sustainable growth.Since Kashmir is a conflict zone, getting Google to the valley was not an easy task. The Mercy Corps team of Kashmir persuaded them by assuring their safety during their trip in the valley.

The preparations for the event started in July. There were discussions in the Mountain View California headquarter of the Google and the team which includes the head of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach Division-Himin Kool accepted the invitation to visit the valley.

“I appreciate the team of Google and give them credit for coming here. The fact they accepted our invitation is the testament to Google’s own commitment toward this part of the globe,” says Usman.

Usman Rahim Ahmad, Kashmir director of Mercy Corps

The team to visit the valley includes senior members of software development division and former members of the Youtube team.

Google’s growing interest in Kashmir is also visible from the initiation of the process to recognise the Kashmiri language. “They have started developing translations and search operations,” says Usman.

Usman believes that the visit of Google to the valley will have a great impact. “When a big company visits, it surely has an impact in the development,” Usman told Kashmir Life.

G/Kashmir will have feature customised content, both technical and non- technical and will equip the participants with tips, tools, and tricks to win digitally.

“We live in a digital world and I hope this initiative will help Kashmir,” said Raahat, university student attending the event.

The training session will witness many interesting sessions. There will be the special session for content creation on YouTube, besides sessions on entrepreneur mentorship track, using digital tools for browsing and also the direct interaction with the team. “It is something for everybody,” says Usman.

He adds that this is the beginning of what could be a long association.

Usman hopes that G/Kashmir helps in aiding the development of the youth and imparting them entrepreneurial skills. “We hope this event will equip youth with the latest technology from the Google,” he says.


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