Government Formation: Civil Society, Traders Want End of Stalement

KL Report


With suspense looming large over the formation of government in Jammu and Kashmir, Civil Society members and traders eagerly want an end to deadlock as according to them people particularly traders’ community have suffered immensely due to lack of government from past four months.

Civil Society member Shakeel Qalandar told CNS that the continuous deadlock has been affecting the normal functioning of the state, especially for the flood victims, who are awaiting a complete rehabilitation package and have been pinning all their hopes on the new government.

“It is the responsibility of the single largest party to end stalemate. If this party doesn’t want to forge an alliance with any other party then it should make the things clear, so that people will suffer not anymore,” Qalandar said.

He said that September floods devastated Valley as a result government was nowhere in sight. “Soon after floods, elections were forced upon us. Now the fractured mandate that has resulted in deadlock has been taking toll on the people,” he said adding that there seems no administration and accountability on ground.

President Chambers of Industry and Commerce, Sheikh Ashiq said that Kashmir have already lost five important months and now people want a new government badly.

“There are lot of issues that needs to be resolved. People are homeless and are awaiting rehabilitation, but due to prevailing deadlock, all are suffering immensely,” he said.

“Last year was worst for business community. There were two elections in row that wasted our time. Floods wrought havoc and now the absence of any government is proving fatal for us,” he said adding that people are interested in government formation and not in alliance politics.


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