Government is Pushing Youth to Wall, Hence Promoting Violence: Yasin Malik



Senior separatist leader and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Sunday said that the government is “pushing Peaceful youth to the wall and hence promoting worst violence”.

“Unfair and unbalanced foreign policies of the world powers have brought this world to the brink of disaster. Kashmiris are not against Indian economic growth, we are striving for freedom and against the brutal use of military might against our freedom struggle,” Malik said while addressing a gathering at Koreg Ganderbal today.

A party statement said that a grand rally was held from Beehama to Koreg in which a large number of youth, women folk, children and elders participated with great passion.

In his speech, Malik said, “today after seven months we are getting a chance to meet our people directly and after witnessing the passion and love for freedom struggle today we are absolutely overwhelmed. Through today’s peaceful rally and public meeting, people of Kashmir have delivered a message to India and to the international community as well that Kashmiris are diligent enough to take their freedom struggle forward against all odds.”

He said, “an atmosphere of fear and terror has engulfed Jammu Kashmir especially Jammu, Doda, Baderwah, Kishtwar, Rajouri pooch and other areas. This fear psychosis is because of RSS and other fascist forces that in their pursuit to get power and are hell bent upon dividing these areas on communal lines and are creating problems for Muslims living in these areas.” “Unfortunately Kashmiri pro-Indian rulers for their lust of power are giving these fascists a free hand and impunity because of which their ill activities are growing day by day.”

Strongly condemning the “reign of terror” unleashed against peaceful youth in Kashmir, arrests, torture, restrictions and other oppressive measures taken “by the so-called rulers”, JKLF chief said, “police and other agencies have made the lives of Kashmiri youth hellish. Peaceful Youth are being subjected to oppression like we were prior 1988. Police oppression forced youth of this land to resort to an armed struggle and rulers by repeating same oppressive measures are pushing youth to the wall and hence promoting violence.”

Castigating the “unethical, inhuman, power, economy and trade based foreign policies of the world powers”, Malik said, “these unfair, unbalanced  and changing policies of the world powers have brought this world to the brink of disaster today and have confounded the world order completely .These world powers for their personal gains, economic benefits adopted unfair foreign policies because of which today whole world especially Muslim world is facing anarchy and destruction and this fire has engulfed the regions from Europe to Africa and America to Asia.”

He questioned, “when will international community and the world powers realize their mistakes and change their policies based on economic interests and benefits and start efforts to resolve the issues that are posing a constant threat to the world peace.”

“Without solving issues like Kashmir that are posing a threat to world peace and stability even economic development will also remain a daydream. Whole world knows that Jammu and Kashmir issue is a dangerous issue and a constant threat to the peace, prosperity and stability of the south Asian region but world powers for their trade and economic benefits and interest with India seem to maintain criminal silence,” he said. “India and the rest of the world should know that without permanent peace and stability trade and economy will also keep suffering.”

Stressing upon the need of resolving Jammu and Kashmir issue, Malik said, “this only can guarantee the permanent peace and prosperity of the whole South Asian region.”

Referring to India, Malik said, “Kashmiris are not against the economic growth of India, we are only striving for our freedom and future and against the forced occupation of our land. We want India to grow but as anyone grows big his responsibilities also grow. While growing economically, India should remember Roman Empire, USSR, British Empire about which it was said that sun does not set on British Empire.”

He said, “these powers ruined themselves by suppressing the freedom of small nations and countries. History bears witness to the fact that military might and oppression never pays and no nation striving for its freedom has ever been defeated by oppressive measures. Instead of this oppressors had to face the repercussions of their tyranny in the end.”

Addressing people on the occasion, Malik said, “Kashmiris have and are constantly rendering valuable sacrifices for their freedom but we need to safeguard these sacrifices. Real face of every pro-India party and politician has been exposed before us now. We all know that their only job is to strengthen the illegal military occupation of Indian on Jammu Kashmir and provide legal cover to Indian forces and army here, so we all should remain away from their hypocritical politics and refrain from participating in their meetings and rallies.”

“Our uprightness and continued struggle and valuable sacrifices will never go in vain and one day Jammu Kashmir will also stand as a respected independent nation among the rest of nations,” he added.

The JKLF statement further said, “at many place women showered flower petals, Sheerni and sweets on the participants of the freedom rally and welcomed Yasin Malik by singing traditional Kashmiri songs. Raising slogans in favour of freedom, JKLF, leadership and resistance the participants of this rally after passing through many villages and travelling many kilometers reached Koreg where JKLF leaders including advocate Bashir Ahmad Butt Spoke to the people.”

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