Governor inaugurates “1st Young Scholars Conference”



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Governor NN Vohra, Chancellor of the Kashmir University and the Chairman of the Governing Body of the Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS), inaugurated the “1st Young Scholars Conference” organized by the IKS at the Kashmir University.

Welcoming the participating scholars, Governor described the Conference as an important event which will provide a valuable platform for young scholars to air their views and learn from eminent visiting scholars. He observed that such events provide a valuable opportunity for exchange of ideas and widening perceptions which could form the basis for further studies and researches.

Governor observed that it is not meaningful to look at any important issue confronting society in an isolated manner. And for evolving a well informed understanding of the challenges facing us it is necessary to adopt an interdisciplinary approach. In this context Governor stressed the high importance of Social Sciences and the need for quality research being undertaken in the vast field of Humanities. He observed that focussed studies are necessary if the objective to secure balanced human development and societal harmony and well being is to be achieved.

Governor stressed the need for establishing an optimal number of high standard institutions of learning and research and expressed hope that existing educational institutions in J&K will achieve excellence in the near future. He stressed the importance of Vice Chancellors and Faculties devoting extra special attention to enable their students to develop problem solving capacities and finding practical solutions to the varied problems facing the society.

Observing that the youth of J&K has the talent and capacity to compete successfully in every arena, the Governor noted that the youth can achieve their aspirations only if the leaders of various political parties and the civil society work in tandem to ensure that an environment is engendered which is devoid of any disruptions and disturbances.

Governor emphasized the need for making the IKS a vibrant centre of excellence for undertaking quality research on social, cultural, historical and other issues of contemporary relevance.  He urged the IKS scholars to pursue research on identified issues which relate to the core areas of the Institute’s Charter and, side by side, also undertake analytical studies of major contemporary problems and challenges which face India and her neighbours.

In his introductory address Prof. Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi, Vice Chancellor and Director IKS, highlighted the ongoing and future programmes of the University.

Prof. Navnita Chadha Behera, Delhi University, in her address, said that Social Science has vital role to play in understanding the complexities of the challenges facing the people of Kashmir.

Prof. Amit Prakash, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, stressed the importance of discussions in such forums for the meaningful evolution of social sciences.

Prof. Sanjay Srivastava, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, urged the promotion of an interdisciplinary approach for advancing learning and research activities.


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