Governor warns of action if woman relatives of militants harassed


Governor Satya Pal Malik on Monday warned of action if the woman relative of a militant was harassed by the police, as alleged, in Jammu yesterday, even as he claimed that the family was questioned following “specific intelligence inputs”.

“It has been widely reported in media that three close relatives of a militant were allegedly arrested and harassed by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. It has also been alleged that the clothes of a lady, who was one of the persons arrested, were also torn,” said governor Malik in a statement.

“It is clarified that there are standing general and specific instructions that have been issued to all police officers and staff on not harassing families of militants. This is being followed meticulously in most circumstances. However, there could be a situation where a few relatives of a militant are questioned by police under due process of law so as to obtain details of a militant’s whereabouts. This is done very rarely and only on the basis of specific information,” Malik in a statement said.

“In this particular incident, which relates to residents of Patipora in Pulwama district, it is clarified that none of the persons were questioned in Pulwama. They were questioned in Jammu district based on very specific intelligence inputs,” he said.

“I have been informed that there has been no tearing up of a lady’s clothes or her being harassed by the police. I once again reiterate that all police officers and staff will be directed not to harass ladies who happen to be relatives of militants or treat them in any unbecoming manner. Any questioning should be done as per normal practice only in the presence of a lady constable,” he added.

He requested all political parties to understand the fragile security situation in parts of Jammu and Kashmir and not to upset this through motivated statements and false allegations.

“This will only demoralize a hard-working police force,” said governor Malik in a statement.

“I will also direct IG Police, Kashmir to look into this incident to see whether the lady has been harassed or her clothes have been torn as is being alleged. If necessary, action will be taken against any police staff found acting wrongly,” Malik said.


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