Govt Fixing Rates for Cold Stores



Abdul REhman Veeri
Abdul Rehman Veeri

Government has constituted a committee for fixation of the rates of cold storage facility of apple and other fruit.

The decision was taken at a meeting involving the government and all the stakeholders.

Abdul Rehman Veeri, the horticulture minister who presided the meeting said the government is exploring the possibility of establishing a chain of cold atmospheric stores for the fruit industry. He said there is need to expand the cold storage network and government is focusing on this critical aspect of post harvesting management of fruit especially apple.

“We would like to see more and more CA storage projects sanctioned by the Union Government to address the shortfall of such stores for over 257796 MTs of fruit”, he said, adding that out of the 43 such projects submitted to the Centre, only 9 projects have been sanctioned so far which only caters to 51700 MTs of fruit.

Horticulture Minister said government is also mulling setting up of cold storage facilities at Sopore, Parimpora, Jablipora, Kulgam in Kashmir and Narwal Jammu. He said in this regard a proposal for sanction of the funds is under active consideration of the Government.


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