Govt Formation: BJP Tries to Persuade RSS

KL Desk


After the BJP ideologue, RSS opposed any agreement on Article 370 and AFSPA during the preparation of a CMP with PDP, BJP president Amit Shah on Thursday met top RSS leaders in New Delhi, reports said.

They added, Shah drove down to the RSS office, and separately met the Sangh’s second-in-command Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi, besides RSS joint general secretaries Dattatreya Hosbole, Suresh Soni and Krishan Gopal.

Shah also held a separate meeting with Krishan Gopal, the RSS point-person in dealing with BJP affairs, with whom he is learnt to have discussed crucial issues.

The issues include talks with PDP over government formation in Jammu and Kashmir after the split verdict in December last was discussed, reports added.

According to sources RSS is strongly opposed to any coalition between BJP and PDP. They added that RSS is more opposed to any “compromise” on the contentious issues like Art 370 and AFSPA.


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