Govt Indifferent Towards Road Accidents: Tarigami

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A day after a fatal road accident that took place at Kishtwar in which four persons loss their lives CPI (M) State Secretary Mohammad Yousf Tarigami has asked the State government to come out with a report on action taken over recommendations of a House Committee led by him that was constituted to prepare a comprehensive report on causes and measures to bring down the number of road mishaps in the state.  He also Expressed his  grief and sorrow over the loss of four precious lives.

In a statement, the CPI (M) leader has observed that the reticence on part of the government vis-à-vis steps taken to prevent the loss of precious lives in swelling number of road accidents across the state is inopportune which can only worsen the situation.  “The report that we prepared is unlikely to have left out any dimension that we did not ponder over and recommend measures to be taken by the government to prevent fatal road accidents. But unfortunately over a year has passed since we submitted our report; the government is yet to come out with its action taken report on our recommendations. This speaks volumes about the government’s indifferent attitude towards this serious humanitarian crisis,” he observed.He has added that the risk and vulnerability to such fatal road accidents in the State has added new dimensions to the already existing challenges adding that there is need to focus on preparedness, prevention and capacity building to avoid concurrence of such accidents. “The government’ silence on this vital House Committee report is not reflective of a non serious approach but it shows the height of contempt with which these House Committees and their reports treated,” he opined.

He said the recent assurance to the House on part of the Speaker of Legislative Assembly that the government will be asked for an action taken report has also been taken lightly by this government. “Otherwise, the government should have come out with the action taken report as a number of accidents taking a heavy toll of people including school going children took place since the recent Assembly Session was over in Jammu,” he added.He said the recommendations of the House Committee led by him included measures which should have been taken by the government to minimize the causes of frequent road accidents taking place on different routes in the state.  He said the repeated road accidents in Doda, Kistwar, Ramban and Udhampur districts is a grave concern for all of us. “It is a situation which demands immediate results and attention of all of us especially the officers of transport, traffic police, beacon etc to put forward their departmental specific assignment of the causes responsible for causing accidents in these hilly districts,” he added.While Conveying his sympathies to the bereaved families Tarigami urged upon the government to provide compensation to the victims’ families and medical treatment for those injured in the unfortunate rod mishap.


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