Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday sought immediate relief for the farmers who have incurred massive losses due to the untimely whiteout in Kashmir Valley and demanded restoration of essential services without delay.

PDP spokesman in a statement issued here termed the damage massive and catastrophic, asking the administration to remain on the tenterhooks in order to provide relief to the affected populace on priority.

He added that the untimely snowfall has thrown life out of gear in Kashmir with essential supplies like power and water severely hit and roads connecting thousands of hamlets across the region with main highways blocked in entirety.

The PDP spokesman urged the government to restore the essential supplies at an earliest and ensure that the people especially from the far flung areas do face any dearth of essential commodities.  He also demanded immediate snow clearance of the roads particularly of those areas connecting various areas to hospitals and main towns.

The spokesman also expressed deep concern over the massive losses incurred by the orchardists due to the present untimely whiteout, stating that Kashmir’s horticulture industry has been bearing the brunt of nature’s fury for years now and that the present regime is duty bound to provide immediate assistance to the affected growers without any delay.

He also demanded the implementation of the  scientific methods to avoid damage which is caused to orchards due to the untimely snowfall in Kashmir.  “Due to the change in weather pattern, things are taking  very ugly shape in Kashmir. The need of the hour is the implementation of the latest scientific methods that could minimise the damage caused to the orchards and other crops in future,” said the spokesman.


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