Govt Responsible For Damages To J&K’s Economy: G A Mir

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President Ghulam Ahmad Mir on Saturday lashed out at the wrong policies adopted by the BJP government at the centre and said the government is fully responsible for the damages caused J&K’s economy, trade and tourism sector, besides failing to address development issues.

Pradesh Congress President G A Mir addressing party workers at Langate on Saturday, February 20, 2021.

He was addressing party convention at Puhroo Peth in Langate Assembly segment of Kupwara district.

According to statement JKPCC Vice President Haji Abdul Rashid Dar, DCC Presidents Fayaz Ahmad Mir, Abdul Gani Khan, Irshad Ahmad Ganie, DDC member Shahjehan Dar and various other leaders also addressed the convention and hit out at the government for the mess created in the Country and J&K, saying that Congress Party won’t compromise on people issues.

“The convention was part of the nation-wide protests launched by the Congress party against the unprecedented price hike on petroleum products across the country, resolving to continue to fight against the anti-people policies of the BJP Govt, responsible for people’s hardships and damages caused to J&K by bringing in different new laws and ordinances in an undemocratic way, from time to time,” it said.

Congress President expressed serious over the hardships confronting people due to the rising unemployment, price hike and various other issues of public importance, saying that government is non-serious with regard to people’s hardships, deviating from the real issues in order to hide its failures and false promises.

JKPCC President G A Mir said that J&K  has suffered immensely on all fronts especially trade, tourism, employment, besides many other issues of public importance, besides the developmental process, which has got derailed due to the lack of policies by the Govt towards the J&K.

As a result, the weaker sections and small scale businessmen are the worst hit, besides the unprecedented hike on prices of petroleum and other essentials not only in J&K but in the entire country added miseries to people, Mir said.

“Despite the damages caused to business and economy, Govt has decided to impose a property tax, knowing that there was a sharp decline in business activities, trade, tourism have decreased to the largest extent, the Govt started punishing people under the garb of property tax, which should not be imposed, keeping view the tremendous damages caused due to the hostile measure taken by the Centre with regard to J&K after  August 5 2019,” JKPCC president said.

“The unprecedented hike on essentials items especially Petrol and diesel have put a huge burden on the common people, the irony is that nobody listens, rather the Centre is trying hard to justify its wrong and failed measures, which are the main source behind disappointment among the people across the country. The matter of the fact is that people are facing hardships in every respect due to the anti-people measure of Centre,” Mir said.

“It is the general perception across India that Centre Govt is willfully hiking the prices on petroleum products on daily basis, besides other essentials under a well-planned conspiracy aiming to benefit some corporators, whose debts have already been waived off by the Modi Govt at the cost of country’s taxpayers, which are being recovered from the common people citing many baseless reasons on account of unprecedented price hike, which cannot be justified,” Mir added.

“Congress Party won’t compromise on unwanted and wrong decisions being taken by the Centre with regard to J&K, shall continue to fight against the BJP Govt, making it accountable and answerable to people,” PCC President said.


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