SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir government on Friday restricted employees from participating in any kind of demonstrations and strikes in favour of their demands and warned of strict action in case any employees are found involved in such demonstrations.

It has come to the fore that some employees are resorting to demonstrations and strikes in favour of certain demands, reads the order.

“The government has invoked Rule 20(ii) of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees (Conduct) Rules, 1971, which states that no government employee shall resort to or in any way abet any form of strike in connection with any matter pertaining to his service or the service of any other government employee,” it reads.

The order  states that the provision of law is not merely declaratory in nature and shall definitely entail consequences in the event of any such employee found immersive in such acts.

“Therefore, all Administrative Secretaries are requested to circulate these instructions to employees in their respective Department(s) to desist from all such uncalled for demonstrations and strikes: an act of serious indiscipline and misconduct.”

It added that the Departments are also impressed upon to take strict disciplinary action against employees found involved in organising demonstrations and strikes—(KNO)


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