Grave For Afzal Dug Adjacent To The Grave Of Maqbool Bhat At Eidgah

KL Report


Locals of Eidgah area dug a grave for Afzal Guru adjacent to the grave of JKLF founder Mohammad Maqbool Bhat at Mazar-e-Shudha Eidgah Srinagar on Monday.

Both the graves are lying empty with their names written on the gravestones which state the names of Bhat and Guru.

The grave for Mohammad Maqbool Bhat was dug just after he was hanged in February 1984.

“We were waiting for Maqbool Bhat,s mortal remains since 29 years and now we have dug a grave for Afzal Guru as well,” a local of the Eidgah told Kashmir Life over phone.


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