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With regard to the safety of school buses carrying children, the guidelines have been laid down by Supreme Court of India which have to be implemented in letter and spirit.

Accordingly, the school buses shall be painted yellow and the buses should have a first aid box, fitted with Speed Governor of specified standard, the windows be fitted with horizontal grills, besides the school buses shall be fitted with fire extinguisher and the doors shall be reliable locks. There shall be qualified attendant in the bus to attend the children besides school name and telephone shall be written on the bus.

Any driver who has been challaned more than twice in a year for offenses like red light jumping, violation of lane discipline or allowing unauthorized person to drive cannot be employed for driving besides the one who has been challaned even once for the offense of over speeding, drunken driving and dangerous driving cannot be employed as a driver.

In addition, the school bus must be written on back and front of the vehicle. If hired, “School Duty” shall be clearly indicated. The drivers of the school buses are required to maintain traffic discipline.

Besides, in terms of Section 2 (47) of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, and Educational Institution bus is a transport vehicle and therefore require a permit to ply on the road and subsequently needs to undergo mandatory fitness test every year.


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