Hassan Mir loses Gulmarg

KL Report


The ‘controversial’ Ghulam Hassan Mir, enjoying ministerial berths from last 30 years has lost Gulmarg to PDP’s Muhammad Abbas Wani by 2937 votes.

Mir was the only known face of his Democratic Party (Nationalist) seeking another term from Gulmarg. A three-time MLA Gulmarg, Mir is known to stay close to power centres. His image, however, suffered a dent after reports from New Delhi accused him of conspiring to topple Omar government with the “support” of army in 2010.

Accused of favouritism people believe that only those close to Mir were benefited in Gulmarg. Slamming Mir’s selective approach, a contractor-turned-politician, Abbas Wani highlighted “Mir’s failures” to woo the voters.


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