Having an elected govt inalienable right of people: NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday said denying people of the state to choose their government amounts to disenfranchising them from their basic right, saying the whole process has been subjected to unwarranted politicking.

NC leaders in party convention at south Kashmir’s Pulwama.

Addressing a series of worker’s conventions of Pulwama and Rajpura assembly segments at Pulwama, party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said, “The whole process of conducting assembly elections is being subjected to undue politicking which unfortunately is taking its toll on the development of the state. Having an elected government is the unassailable right of the people in a thriving democracy, but here right to make a choice is being denied to people. The increasing public support in favor of NC has unnerved forces as are inimical to the interests of our state that is precisely why they are not persistent on having an election at an earliest. However, people of our state have understood the game plan of the forces as are striving hard to obliterate our identity. With the help of Almighty and the unflinching support of people of our state, NC will trounce all the political machinations as are being contrived to divide the voice of the people of the state.”

Party general secretary said that repeated undertakings of the incumbent state governor on ensuring a sense of security to the people stand debunked in wake of the unrelenting intimidation, frisking of vehicles on Srinagar- Jammu highway. “It does not behoove a democratic set up like that of ours to have public and private vehicles stranded for hours on the highway. The reports of harassing are also coming forth, this has to stop. Such actions will inadvertently hit the already aggrieved and aggravated people to the wall. Measures like these will add to the alienation in the people especially the youth. We don’t see people stopped on highways and subjected to undue harassment elsewhere in the world.”

While underscoring the need of healing the wounds of the youth of Kashmiri he said that the youth of Kashmir have never felt as dejected as they are feeling ever since BJP-PDP had their hands on the reins of power in the state.

Censuring the governor administration for its failure to ensure a sense of security to the people Sagar said, “The governor administration hasn’t proved any better. The unemployment rate in our state is higher as compared to the other parts of the country. The compass of business activities and other economic activities has also come to a grinding halt due to the uncertainty which is looming large in the valley. There is no vital sector of the state that hasn’t received a blow due to the imprudent policies of the former BJP-PDP government, and it is the youth of our state, in particular, the valley that has been at the receiving end of all this. We didn’t see the central government come up with a positive initiative concerning youth,” he said adding, “The catch words like “winning the hearts of the people”, “hugging the people” didn’t see any practical implementation. Today the youth of our state are feeling disconsolate in wake of continuous arrests, unemployment, and intimidation. The governor administration too has miserably failed to provide safe spaces to the youth of Kashmir to pursue their vocations. Moreover in no way can few advisors of governor replace the functional vitality of a legislative assembly and the institution of Cabinet. It is only a representative government that can put the state back on the path of development and prosperity.”

Among others, provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani, Dr Bashir Veeri, Mohi Ud din Mir, GN Ratanpuri, Muhammad Shafi Shah also addressed the workers and impressed upon them to take the party programme to every single door.


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