HCC ‘Committed’ to Safeguard Bandipora’s Environment, Water Bodies



Gurez Power Project being constructed by HCC. (KL file Image)
Gurez Power Project being constructed by HCC. (KL file Image)

Hindustan Construction Company (HCC), executing 330 Megawatt Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project in Bandipora District, on Tuesday, said the company is “committed” to safeguarding the environment and ecology in the area.

HCC, in a press statement, said, “the company is maintaining a proper system of discharging effluent generated during construction activities of the project. Effluent, from tunnels and other construction sites, are collected in the sedimentation tanks, treated and filtered through water filtration plants before being discharged out of project site.”

Drinking water sources in the locality are from the natural streams and as such the “quality of water in the nearby bodies is not allowed to be deteriorated in any manner”.

“There is no risk of chemical hazard in the effluent as chemicals of any kind are not involved in the construction activities,” the statement said, “Local people have been employed to maintain the irrigation canals around the operational sites and adjoining villages so that canals are protected from any polluting agent.  The people of the locality use this water for their day to day activities like washing clothes, utensils apart from irrigation purpose.”

The allegation, the statement said, “that effluents from lavatories are polluting the water bodies is strongly ruled out as HCC has not undertaken any such construction.”

“HCC is committed to protecting the environment, ecology and will not allow any damage to the same on account of the construction of Kishanganga Project. Water sources in the surroundings are adequately protected ensuring proper treatment of effluent and the local residents should not panic and believe in baseless reports.” “HCC is committed to continuously work towards the development of the region with the cooperation of the local residents,” the statement added.


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