‘Heemal Naegrai’ Presented at Shalimar Gardens

KL Report


As part of its initiatives to promote and propagate traditional folk forms of music, Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages today organized ‘Daastan’ presentation by noted folk singer, Mohammad Ismail Mir and party at Shalimar, the famous Mughal Garden before an appreciative audience.

‘Daastan’ is an old form of storytelling in prose and verse of Kashmir and dates back to several centuries. Mir is the versatile exponent of this art form who has popularized it with his inimitable style.

During the old days when modern means of entertainment were not available in Kashmir ‘Daastan goyi’ was very popular that attracted large number of people. The Daastan singer would narrate mythological stories keeping the audience spell bound for hours. Heemal Naegrai, Gulrez and Aqla wazir are some of the famous Daastans of Kashmir.

As per a statement Mir narrated ‘Heemal Naegrai’ in a very interesting and captivating style.

The Academy had arranged video coverage of the event to document the famous art form of Kashmir.

A large number of men and women heard and enjoyed the Daastan with rapt attention and appreciated the Academy’s initiative.


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