Herdsman Beaten By Cow Vigilantes In Jammu Periphery, Police Registers Cases

SRINAGAR: Police have registered two cases in an incident involving the serious beating of a Gujjar herdsman in Reasi. In one case, the injured Gujar’s son has been accused of injuring a cow and the in the second case, a group of people were accused of beating the Gujjar, identified as Mohammad Asgar, reports in the media said.

The action followed after a brief video clip of the public marshalling of the Gujjar went viral on social media. It even shows a policeman also being on the spot. Media reports identified the beaters as ‘cow vigilantes’. However, the incident is reported to have taken place a few days earlier.

A detailed report on the News18 website said that a cow had allegedly strayed into the fields of Agar and damaged his crops. “Asghar’s son drove the animals away from the field but, according to the mob, one cow received injuries on the back,” the report said. “This angered the community members and a headman of the village asked Asghar to report to an uphill village for a meeting.”

Responding to the summons when the Asgar and his cousin Javeed reached Garri Gabbar village for a meeting, “they were pounced upon by dozens of cow vigilantes and thrashed.” The video shows the mob chanting the Goli Maro… slogans while beating Asgar. As the clip is about to close, a policeman enters the frame and gets into an argument with the mob.

Rashmi Wazir, SSP Reasi, confirmed to News 18 that they have registered two FIRs. “In one, they have booked Asgar’s son for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a community by injuring a cow with a sharp-edged object, and in another, a case has been filed against people who attacked Asgar,” the report said. The community alleges that the FIR against Asgar’s 16-year old son is a “counter FIR”. The report adds: “SSP Wazir said some community members lodged a complaint in the police station after a cow was hit with a sharp-edged weapon.”

Reports said Asgar is still in hospital and is not well. The incident was condemned by the Gujjar tribe leaders and the PDP. They asked the police to investigate the case and explain why the case was registered many days later even when one of the cops was witness to the happenings.

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