Hide Out Busted, Arms Ammunition Recovered In Bandipora: Police

KL Report


As per a police spokesperson Bandipora police and 14 RR busted a hideout in Bandipora and recovered arms and ammunition on Thursday.

On specific information Bandipora police and 14 RR launched a search operation in Kuta area of Bandipora. During the search of the area a hideout was busted.

The joint search party has recovered a large cache of arms and ammunition from the hideout, which include 04 AK rifles, 70 AK magazines, 04 UBGL, two radio sets, one binoculars, three compass, five kg explosive, 1200 rounds of AK, 160 rounds of sniper, sixteen Chinese grenades, ninety UBGL grenades, three rounds of 60mm,  eight anti tank rifle grenades, five IED black cover, one IED main box, thirty three hand grenades of all types, five rounds of RPG small, two mortar bomb 82mm, sixteen rounds of RPG, forty five detonator, two rounds of Pika and eight AGL grenades.


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