High Court Direction on Flood Relief an Indictment of Govt’s Failure: NC



National Conference Friday welcomed the observations and directions of the Honourable High Court on the abject and continued failures of both the State and the Union Governments over the crucial issue of flood victims’ relief and rehabilitation.

“This is yet another condemnation of both the State Government and the Union Governments by the judiciary and rightfully calls into question their intentions when it comes to the flood victims – many of whom are still shelter-less and are looking at facing another harsh winter in make-shift accommodations. The complacency and insensitivity of both the Central and the State Governments is shocking. The continued denial of justice and relief to the flood victims has pushed thousands of people into the throes of deprivation and destitution,” NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani said in a statement.

The NC Provincial President said, “PDP had tried to market its sell-out to the BJP by claiming an alliance with the BJP would aide in time-bound and effective relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. “Today, the State has not even received peanuts – as rightly pointed out by the Honourable High Court. It was none other than the Mufti Government which went out of its way to oppose RS 44,000 Crore flood relief package. They played the role of sabotage to perfection on the directions of their handlers and ended up depriving thousands of flood victims of compensation and rehabilitation. Even after more than a year has passed, the State Government continues to be unapologetic and brazen about its cruelty with the flood victims,” he stated.

“There is no talk of flood victims by the State Government. Such treachery with a devastated people in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in our history is extremely tragic and disappointing. What are Mufti Sahab’s compulsions? It appears PDP has signed on a dotted line of barter to give away all the rights of our people in lieu of BJP’s support to keep Mufti Sahab in the Chief Minister’s chair. The flood victims were first the victims of a natural disaster and then a PDP-made disaster in terms of the Government’s refusal to fight for their rehabilitation,” Nasir stated.


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