‘High quality sugar available at ration depots’

KL Report


Director Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CA&PD) Saturday termed these allegations baseless that ration depots in Kashmir supply low quality sugar. He said that best quality sugar is available at all ration depots in Kashmir Valley which is fit for human consumption.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Director CA&PD, Mushtaq Ahmed Mir told reporters that some of the CA&PD employees are hell bent to tarnish the image of the department.

“Some of the CA&PD employees whom the Directorate transferred from the department are trying to malign the image of our department and spread false rumours about the supply and availability of ration and other items. These vested interests do all this for their petty benefits,” Mir said adding that nowhere in Valley low quality sugar is supplied to consumers.

He said that every item whether it is rice, flour or sugar is being properly tested in laboratory before distributing it to the consumers.

While replying to a question, Director CA&PD said that there is no scarcity of sugar or rice while the department has already dumped huge quantity of rice and sugar in far flung areas like Gurez and Tangdar for winters.

He appealed people not to use domestic gas for commercial purposes. “Most of the people use domestic gas in their vehicles which is very unfortunate,” he said and warned such elements of stern action in case they mis-use gas reserved for domestic purposes.


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