Hold plebiscite in Kashmir and make people talk, Kamal Hassan on Pulwama attack


Reacting to the attack in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, which claimed the life of 49 CRPF troopers, and dozens were left injured, the actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, on Monday, asked why the government was not holding a plebiscite in Kashmir and questioned what the government was ‘afraid of’.

Actor turned politician Kamal Hassan

Haasan said that if India wanted to prove that it is a ‘better country’, then it should ‘not behave like this’. He said this in reference to the situation in Kashmir, the report by TimesNow said.

“I truly regret when people say army men are going to Kashmir to die. The army itself is an old fashioned thing. Like how the world changed, How we decided that humans will not kill each other for food, likewise a time will come to stop fighting. Has the civilisation not learnt this in the past 10 years?” TimesNow quoted Haasan as saying while addressing a gathering in Chennai.

Quoting Hassan the report fuehrer mentioned’ “When I was running a magazine called ‘Maiyam’ I have written about Kashmir issue and what is expected. I mourn this day because I forecasted that this is what will happen, unfortunately, I should have predicted something else. Hold plebiscite and make people talk…why have they not conducted it? What are they scared of? They want to divide the nation that’s all. Why don’t you ask them again? They won’t do it? Now it (Kashmir) belongs to India, the same situation prevails across the border,” Haasan told TimesNow on being questioned about the attack.

“In Azad Kashmir, they are using Jihadi’s pictures in trains to portray them as heroes,  that is also a foolish thing to do. India also behaves with an equal amount of foolishness, it’s not fair. If we want to prove that India is a far better country, then we should not behave like this. There begins the politics, there begins the new political culture,” he further said.


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