Houseboat collapses in Abi Guzar

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The houseboat at Abi Guzar has collapsed in the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday thereby forcing the family to live under open sky.

The residential houseboat situated at Abi Guzar embankment got collapsed in the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday. “On Saturday-Sunday night at around 3 pm, the houseboat collapsed, resulting in loss of property worth crores,” said Mushtaq Ahmad, who was living in the houseboat as paying guest.

He said that they suffered tremendous loss due to the collapse of the houseboat. “The rush of water entering into our residential houseboat didn’t allow us to save the essentials,” Ahmad said.

Ahmad said that his small children, wife and other family members were present in the houseboat when it sunk. “We were rescued by the neighbours. They risked their lives and saved us,” he added.

He said that since then they are living under open sky. “We appeal the government to provide some assistance so that we can renovate the houseboat again,” he demanded.

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