How they feel?

Naseema Begum,
House wife  
The incidents in past like Kunan Poshpora gang rape, Wavossa rape episode, Banihal’s mother-daughter incident or last year’s Sabrina and Tabinda’s rape – murder or now the Shopian tragedy have created a climate of terrorism here. The effect of these incidents can not be underestimated. It has not affected only the physical health or independence but crippled us mentally also.
After witnessing these incidents we are not able to trust any body. Whether talking about state authorities, administration or politicians, everyone seems at the back of these incidents. Even judicial system failed in resolving the crimes against women.
Instead of solving, these cases are left hanging in the court of law. Not many cases of rape or murder have been properly investigated till date. If any inquiry is set up, it’s usually a smokescreen, a way to defuse a crisis but nothing concrete in support of women.

Aaliya Bashir
Reporter, Hindustan Times
This shocking incident has adversely affected women. Innocent women have always been trapped and disregarded by the weapons of rape, molestation and acts of insanity. The state players who are behind this heinous crime are aware that women’s chastity is linked with dignity and honour of the family, so they are targeting them to shatter the people both emotionally and physically.
The crime also reflected the security of women in a heavily militarised area, where the day is not far when every woman will be attached with the stigma of being sexually violated. The recent incident recapitulates the nightmares and plight of past incidents.

Nazia Rashid
Teacher, Delhi Public School       
I developed goose bumps in my body when I came to know about this tragedy. It has produced negative vibes among Kashmiri women who today feel scared to step out from homes. Who so ever has done this heinous crime deserve to be hanged in front of all Kashmiris.
I am wondering, is it the normalcy what India is claiming in world about Kashmir and what our politicians have promised us at the time of elections.  
It is futile to expect that theses crimes would not occur in state like Kashmir. The normalcy here flows from the barrel of seven lakh guns of Indian troops, and irony is that our Chief Minster is more concerned about tourism and economy rather than safeguarding the right of women.
Iram Rizvi
PhD Scholar  
The incident strengthens the mistrust in the system and the political functionary of our state.  Even, it is more unfortunate that our CM and other leaders are wailing over the state of tourism in valley but not about his own people who have voted him.
I don’t know the reason behind the incident. But definitely such incidents curb the freedom of women and shroud the future in darkness. Women are standing at the crucial juncture where we should not trust a single opinion or leadership and instead frame out our own agenda and work for ourselves.

Periese Nazir
Security of women in any social structure is an important issue. Women form a sizeable portion of a population and their security reflects civilization and moral code of a nation.
To be able to go to work, walk, travel unhindered, without fear of molestation – physical or verbal – would be an ideal situation. But we do not live in an ideal world. In conflict zones women are even more vulnerable because of their gender and its abuse. It is not always possible to travel in a group or with secure companions therefore women need to know the danger they are exposed to. But above all, all men need to be taught and inculcated respect for women to afford them dignity and safety on the roads and in the fields.


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