Humiliating families, torching houses of militants will not help: Er Rasheed


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Thursday condemned the arrests of top Hizb commander Riyaz Naikoo’s father and son of UJC chief Syed Salahuddin, saying “humiliating families of militants” will not help.

“Arresting Syed Salah-ud-din’s second son Syed Shakeel and burning houses of militants in south Kashmir is condemnable. Arresting and humiliating families of militants has neither helped in the past nor may help in the future, as political dispute needs a political resolution,” Er Rasheed said, in a statement.

Er Rasheed said such operations have yielded nothing in the early nineties and security agencies must not forget the fact that no one picks up the gun by taking his family into confidence.

He said the torching of homes of the militants in Shopian has exposed the “claims of the government that there exists rule of law.”

Reminding Prime Minister Narendra Modi of his offers of embracing Kashmiris, he said: Whatsoever is happening on the ground does not match Prime Minister’s offer and claims.”

He also appealed to the militants to release Asif Rafiq Rather, who was abducted from his home last night, without any harm. Rather is a son of a serving policeman.

“It is unacceptable to harass families of militants or those of security forces. Both the militants and security forces must respect families of each other and stop promoting infighting within the society,” he added.

“While every Kashmiri can feel the pain of families of policemen who were killed in Shopian, there can be no justification whatsoever in arresting Riyaz Naikoo’s father or damaging the properties of families of militants.”


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