Hurriyat (G) anguished over ‘ill-treatment’ to detainees

KL Report


While expressing its concern and anguish over the ‘ill-treatment’ meted out to the detainees of District jail Anantnag and the visitors who came to meet them, Hurriyat Conference (G) Thursday appealed the Amnesty International, International Red Cross and other institutions to take notice of the plight of political prisoners and use their influence to address this issue.

According to the Hurriyat (G) spokesman, its legal cell will conduct an investigation into the reports coming from the District jail Anantnag with regard to the jail inmates and to highlight this issue, “we will take all the necessary measures.”

“The relatives of the detainees came to the Hurriyat office and complained that not only the jail inmates but the relatives who came to meet them are also badly treated there and in the name of search and frisking, they are insulted and abused. The women visitors are not any exception to this treatment and they are harassed by the unnecessary and unwanted processes during the search operation. The relatives of the detainees said that the sub-standard food item is given to the inmates and due to this they usually fall ill,” the spokesman said.

“There is no proper medication available for the ill detainees. Every kind of patient is treated with few tablets of pain killers which sometimes causes serious side-effects to them. The families of the detainees complained that there is no professional doctor available for the inmates and if somehow they bring any doctor into the jail but he could not attend all the detainees,” he claimed.

“The detainees don’t get proper quota of the ration which is due to them according to the Jail manual. Under-trials are not presented for the court hearing which is unnecessary prolonging their detention,” he added.

While expressing serious concern over this situation, Hurriyat (G) spokesperson alleged that the government is not treating the political prisoners of Kashmir according to their status and they are treated as professional criminals. “They are subjected to the political vengeance inside the jail. This kind of treatment with the political prisoners is the serious kind of human rights violation and it is also against those rule and regulations which the government have itself setup,” he added.


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