Hurriyat (g) calls for removal of army camps from civilian areas in Kashmir


Hurriyat Conference (g) on Thursday called for the removal of armed forces’ camps from civilian areas, terming them “a source of nuisance and harassment for locals.”

“We support the demand of people for removal of these camps which have come in every nook and corner in Kashmir,” said a Hurriyat spokesman in a statement.

Expressing concern over setting up of new forces camps in nook and corner of the state, Hurriyat spokesman  said: “It is highly condemnable.”

“Such camps in civilian areas are the source of strain between forces and people, and these camps are a nuisance. They create needless interference in routine work of adjacent population,” the spokesman said while stressing their demand to shift forces camps.

Establishing these camps in civilian areas is against international norms and tantamount to rights violation, the spokesman added.

Appealing international community and organizations for human rights, Hurriyat urged them to take notice of the presence of these camps and play their role to secure the citizen rights.

“Expressing deep concern over the reports pouring in from different civilian localities, spokesman said that forces and SOG personnel during search operations in Palpora, Pistona Pulwama and Arizal Beerwa ransack properties, humiliate and thrash inmates to pulp injuring seriously Bashir Ahmad Hajjam, Sameera Banu and dozens of other, saying people have suffered immensely since past several years and continue to bear the “severe brunt of Kashmir’s forcible control.”

“Hundreds of people mostly our youth have been killed, while even children and women are not spared,” Hurriyat said.

“Due to this anti-Kashmir operation, every second day, a cordon-and-search operation is launched in some area and the people are tormented and harassed and when they protest against it, they are fired upon, killed, injured or arrested,” he added.

“You can’t break our resolve and dampen our spirits,” said Hurriyat spokesman and while suggesting Indian leadership to take measures to resolve the issue as per people’s aspirations and shun its dictatorial, stubborn and haughty approach.

“People are not afraid of state power and threats, nor will they budge, instead will carry and follow freedom struggle and show resentment despite all odds,” he said.


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