Hurriyat (G) terms retirement age enhancement as Makr-o-fan-e-Khwajgee

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (G) Wednesday while commenting over government’s decision of age enhancement for the retirement cautioned that the same must not lure employees towards the forthcoming assembly polls.

Hurriyat (G) maintained further that the enhancement of the retirement age from 58 to 60 years was the administrative affair and no favour to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “It was purely an administrative issue; one must not create euphemism out of this mere government order. It did what has been done in the other states, therefore not fire crackers needed,” said Ayaz Akbar, spokesperson of the faction.

“We hope that the new government order will not infect and affect the dissent of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as the same could in no way be the substitute to the atrocities being committed on us. These measures are nothing but makr-o-fan-e-Khwajgee (tricks of ruling elite),” said spokesperson, adding that the decision of age enhancement is nothing but a clear election stunt.

He stated further that the employees of the state have always remained steadfast in the ongoing resistance movement and have contributed a lot. “We hope that such measures will not sway the employees. We believe that such nets are not meant for the freedom loving lot.”

Akbar said that even if further employee friendly measures are taken by the state government to lure people, the masses will never be impressed by the same as they know the inner most secret of the wine shop.


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