Hurriyat (M) Rejects Omar’s ‘Integral Part’ Remarks

KL Report


APHC has sternly rejected the recent statement of state chief minister Omar Abdullah whereby he has termed Kashmir as an integral part of India and accession as final.

The spokesman said in reality it has been the habit of pro Indian NC party to change the colors like chameleon. Like past, he said that the NC leadership resorted to double speak and deceit, adding,  its leaders give one statement in Jammu while in Kashmir it is different in order unsuccessfully exploit the political mileage out of this gimmicks.

“Historical truth cannot be belied by claiming Kashmir as an integral part of India. Neither, the disputed status of Kashmir would be changed if some fringe elements would refer to accession as a final political settlement,” spokesman added.

The spokesman said by terming Kashmir as a pending problem in Kashmir and referring it to as integral part of India in Jammu has always been a pet card of NC leadership so as to politically exploit the Kashmiri sentiments for its own vested interests.

He added that nobody can change the historical disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir by making hollow slogans or statements.


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