Hurriyat (m) says, ‘Dignified Resolution of K-Issue Only Guarantee for Peace’



Urging Indian and Pakistani leadership to show political will to resolve Kashmir issue, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (m) Thursday said a “dignified resolution” of the vexed issue was the “only guarantee” for bringing lasting peace in South Asia.

Some Hurriyat (m) leaders expressed this during a people-to-people contact program initiated by the amalgam while addressing various public gatherings and holding interactions with various public delegations, an amalgam statement said Thursday evening.

Hurriyat Conference (m) leaders including Muhammad Musadiq Adil, Ghulam Nabi Zaki, Abdul Majeed Wani, Ghulam Hassan Mir, Jaffar Kashmiri visited Arampora and Ranbir areas of north Kashmir’s Pattan area while senior APHC leader Mukhtar Ahmad Waza and Gul Muhammad visited Kondoo, Waltengo areas of south Kashmir where they addressed several public gatherings and met many delegations.

Addressing a gathering at Waltengo, Waza said, “unresolved Kashmir is a danger for entire South Asia and Hurriyat (m) has always maintained that the clouds of danger would continue to hover over the region until Kashmir issue is not resolved as per the wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.”

“Kashmir issue cannot be kept under the carpet for long and till the issue would be kept on the backburner, it would continue to be detrimental for the progress and prosperity of entire South Asia as peace in South Asia is directly linked to Kashmir resolution,” he said.

Addressing public gatherings and speaking to delegations in Araqmpora and Ranbir areas of North Kashmir’s Pattan region, Hurriyat (m) leaders Muhammad Musdadiq Adil and Ghulam Nabi Zaki said, “Kashmiri people had offered selfless sacrifices of their lives and properties and now needed to show steadfastness and resolve to continue the resistance movement and not rest until the issue reaches its logical conclusion.”

“Hurriyat (m) would continue to fight for the rights of the people of Kashmir and would not rest until Kashmir issue is solved as per the wishes and aspirations of people and that the amalgam stands for a permanent and a long lasting resolution to Kashmir issue and would not abandon the resistance movement,” they said. “People of Kashmir had offered innumerable sacrifices and Kashmir issue had attracted international attention due to these sacrifices and now people of Kashmir needed to keep it in their mind that the day is not far when it would be resolved as per their wishes.”


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