I am I

i_am-1Hi! I am I

a plane guy

who doesn’t lie

frank enough

still shy

to myself little nigh

before misery

i don’t sigh

in problems

i don’t cry

my wet-wit doesn’t dry

bull-cock stories

i don’t fry

try is something

i alwayz try

before death

I can’t die

with brainy brain

power in thigh

cheap things

i don’t buy

believe in colour and not dye

to rules my rules

i do apply

soup to soul

i do supply

i can’t move

but play

in my pen

Ben does lie

little lazy

not so sly

sans wings

i can’t fly

i do nothing

by and by

someone i like

cap- a-pie

that is why

I am I

by Ben

“Ben is pursuing B.A ( Honours) from A.S Collage on the spur. I m personally not cut of or tailor made for poetry for, it is not when i will but when it will, so i have brash at it as a student to reflect my own wavelenghth by giving it vent in my way and personally aim to awe- inspire, and vamp on my writing skills along with all the students who want to be somewhere on the literary graph rather than striking my name to rolls and coins for i know there are enormous chink in my armour of pen,,, but pull punches to provide some crockering-genius.” 


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