By Asma Firdous

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She looked into the mirror
One last time
Capturing every detail..
This might be the last time she looked
like that…

She has chosen a long journey
To the land, people said
“Changed every living
Broke every heart
Bruised memories.”

She packed her bags..
Picked up the manuals to read again
She won’t abide by them she knew..
But travelers have crazy rituals..
The voice called again.

Begging her to stop.
“Each step takes you closer to irony
Its hard
Not rosy all along
There is no respect!

Nor would they return your gestures
Heartbroken you will return
And it hurts I tell you
To mend it.
Their eyes won’t ever cry

For your wounds.
Nor would they ever heed
To your gloom.
Alone you shall return..”
Her smile said she knew it well.

Fear couldn’t takeover today.
The desire for pain was stronger.
She left the voice to the Silvered cage.
Tying the shoe laces tight.
One last answer to all voices within…

“In this world of stones
Tough to break or melt
I am glad
I have a heart.”

(A poet by passion Asma Firdous is pursuing her Bachelors in Horticulture at SKUAST-K.)


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