‘I Know This Side (Opposition) is Responsible for the Destruction (of Kashmir): Er Rashid



When MLA Langate was asked to raised his issues, he stood up and thanked the Speaker for time to speak.

“Mujay Koi Shook Nai Hai Shoor Karnay Ka,” Rashid said adding, “I Know this side (Oppostion) is responsible for the destruction (of Kashmir),” Rashid said pointing towards Opposition benches to an applause from PDP-BJP MLAs.

“I don’t need claps,” he told the members. The House is running without the opposition members.

Rashid, while addressing CM Mufti said, “Please tell me what is the reason behind detention of separatist Asiya Andrabi; court has ordered her release but why is she behind bars.”

Rashid further raised issue of Rajouri incident wherein a cop was beaten for “transporting buffalo”.

To this, CM Mufti replied, “You raise your issues; these issues are raised in zero hour.” “You don’t allow us to speak then,” Rashid said.

By then Law Minister was in house and he stood to clarify the business during “Zero Hour”. “Critical issues are discussed during zero hours; this time, local issues are raised.”


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