I’ll Answer You

Omair Bhat 


My silent friend,

I’ll answer you…

I’ll answer you…

If you ever dared to ask ,

which language I yearn to speak,

which language I yearn to listen,

My calm of gloomy eyes,

shall paint your juvenile qualms white,

amidst the stale airs of transgression

silhouetted against a banished smile.


I’ll answer you..

my silent friend,

if you ever ask ,

Which seasons I yearn to see ,

which breeze I yearn to feel .

My solitary thuds of heart ,

shall paint your eyes

eternal green

to pronounce birth of a golden age

amidst the obscure agape gazes of oppression

drooling over a forsaken pleasure of time.


I’ll answer you …

my silent friend If you ever dare to ask ,

If you ever feel like asking ,

I’ll answer you

I’ll answer you

(Poet is a para medic student hailing from Lolab, Sogam)



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