Identify causes leading to recurrent killings of militants: DeM to resistance leadership


Paying glowing tributes to the militants and youths killed by forces in Padgampora, Pulwama, chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Thursday urged the political, armed and the social leadership of Kashmir to identify the causes that are leading to the recurrent gunfights and killings of militants in Kashmir Valley.

“Just three days have passed since our two children, Aqib and Usama, were killed in Tral and now two more militants have been killed in Padgampora. We need to identify the causes that are leading to recurrent killings of our children,” she said.

Aasiyeh Andrabi

She said that locals cannot be blamed of being informers as they, without caring for their lives, rush to every encounter site to save the trapped militants.

“Indian claims that they have sources and informers in every Kashmiri home is farce and a blatant lie. The militants, political and the social leadership needs to sit together and think what are the real sources available to the forces that they kill our children every now and then,” she added.

She said that sacrifices given by Shafaqat Ashraf, Jehangir Ganie and the innocent child, Umar Nazir, won’t go waste. “With moist eyes we salute the valor of these children. The militants gave preference to martyrdom than surrendering before the coward forces,” she said.

She said that to throw out India from Kashmir is a herculean task. “We must know that being less in number our one militants life is valuable than thousands of forces. So it is imperative for us that we do everything to safeguard them from the forces,” she added.

She said that Kashmiri leadership needs to identify the real causes that lead to heavy causalities everyday. “The militant leadership must not allow the use of mobile phones as it can be one reason that is leading to tracking of location of our militants. Also, there is a need to see other technology related equipment’s that these forces can make use to know the whereabouts of militants. It is a grave issue which needs immediate attention of the Kashmiri leadership and the Kashmiri nation,” she added.




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