If Bihar bans Alcohol Why Not JK, asks Kashmir Doctors Body



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Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Wednesday said that the sale and consumption of alcohol in Jammu and Kashmir is “on the rise” which has affected the health of the people.

Calling for complete prohibition on liquor trade in JK, President DAK in a statement said, “alcohol has not only destroyed individuals and families but has spoiled the entire society.” “Young persons who are vulnerable because of age and proclivity towards intoxication have become victims of this menace due to its free availability,” the statement said.

Bihar government has banned alcohol sale and is bringing a bill to provide death penalty to those involved in illicit liquor trade. “If alcohol is banned in Bihar and many other states, why not in JK?”

Alcohol has deleterious effects on each and every organ of the human body. It causes heart attacks, strokes and cancer of mouth, food pipe, liver and pancreas.

“This is a major social evil and it is responsible for growing crime rate. It befogs the mind and alcoholics are involved in heinous crimes of rape and murder. Those involved in this social malaise because of dis-inhibition commit disorderly conduct and are involved in immorality,” the statement further said.

“Alcohol is Haram (Forbidden) in Islam and JK being a Muslim dominated state, government has an obligation to ban it and its sales have hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims,” the doctor demanded.

It is banned in many countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya and Pakistan and in India its prohibition is in force in Gujarat, Nagaland, Lakshadweep and Kerala as states are constitutionally duty bound to prohibit alcohol.

“States shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of the use and trade of alcohol,” reads Article 47, of Constitution of India. “As per the section 24, of the constitution of JK, it is the duty of the state to improve public health and the state shall make every effort to safeguard and promote health of the people which further imposes obligation to state of JK to curb sale and consumption of liquor.”


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