‘If elected, will create environment for Kashmir to join Pakistan’: Shehbaz Sharif  


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Shehbaz Sharif during an interview with Geo TV, said that if his party comes to power, it would create an environment for Kashmir to join Pakistan on the pattern of the reunification of East and West Germany, reports claimed.

According to a report published by Outlook, Shehbaz, the PML-N prime ministerial candidate said this during an interview to Geo TV when asked what would be his policy on Kashmir if his party is voted to power after the July 25 general elections.

He attacked India for “inhumane treatment” of Kashmiris and said “Kashmir would become part of Pakistan through peace and development,” reported Outlook.

Yesterday, while addressing a rally in Sargodha district in Punjab province, he said that people can change his name if he does not take Pakistan ahead of India after coming into power.

“They (Indians) will come to Wahga Border and call Pakistanis their master,” 65-year-old Shehbaz said, Outlook reported.


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