If GoI bases its Kashmir policy on reality, will lend full support: Mirwaiz

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In connection with the Hafta Shohda Programme to remember Moulvi Mohammad Farooq, Khwaja Abdul Gani lone, martyrs of Hawala and entire Kashmir, Hurriyat Conference (M) Sunday organized a seminar titled “Hawal incident: a bloody chapter in Kashmir history” at Hurriyat headquarters at Rajbagh.

Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq In his inaugural address,  while paying rich tributes to Shaheed-e-Milaat, Shaheed-e-Hurriyat, martyrs of Hawala and entire Kashmir, said that their sacrifices for the cause were the priceless assets of the freedom struggle.

According to a statement issued to KNS, asserting that it was the duty of Kashmiris to protect the sacrifices of their martyrs for the success of freedom struggle, Mirwaiz stated that the so called claimants of democracy opened indiscriminate fire on the rally of mourners- mourning the martyrdom of Shaheed-e-Millat at hawal in 1990 during which they killed over 70 people and injured hundreds of others. He said that such example of brutality is rarely found in the history. He said that real motive of Hafta Shohda programme is to reaffirm the resolve to take the mission of martyrs, who laid their lives for the sacred cause, to its logical conclusion.

Stressing that Kashmir was standing at a crucial juncture, Mirwaiz stated that Kashmiris have to give loud and clear message to the world community that Kashmir was not a dispute of borders, neither it is an internal issue of India nor a problem of economic depravation, but it was an internationally recognized dispute, adding, the world community should respect the will and aspirations of Kashmir and play their dutiful role in solving the long vexed dispute. He stated the change in dispensation in India would have no bearings on Kashmiri people till their policies and thinking shows a radical shift from the current standpoint. He said that India should give-up its “policy of delaying” in the context of addressing the Kashmir issue since Kashmiris  are and remain committed to the sacred cause. Mirwaiz said that it was  Shaheed-e-Millat who in his speech in 1975 at Gool Bagh proposed the alternative solution of a  tripartite dialogue between India Pakistan and the people of Kashmir  to solve the Kashmir issue and APHC believes that this alternative can provide the opportunity to bring  lasting peace in the subcontinent.

In connection with Kashmir solution, Mirwaiz stated that Hurriyat has a clear stand. He said that if Government of India bases its policy on reality and initiates a meaningful dialogue by inviting Pakistani leadership and Kashmiri resistance leadership, Hurriyat would lend its full support to the process. But if they continue their policy of suppression and military repression it will be resisted strongly at all levels.

He said that the Indian defence expenditure was increasing year after year as billions of dollars were being spent on buying weapons and arms while around half of the Indias population was living below the poverty line. Mirwaiz stated the rulers in Delhi should apprise people in India about the historical context to the Kashmir dispute. He  said Kashmiris have already rejected the so called polls in Kashmir and have conveyed their message loud and clear.

Terming Kashmir as a police state, Mirwaiz stated that there is no democracy in Kashmir. He said all the significant decisions are taken by army and police to run the Kashmir affairs. He said that Kashmiris would continue to fight for their freedom till they would achieve it. He stated that Kashmiris would never forget its martyrs and neither those who perpetrated violence against them.

Mirwaiz Condemned the continuous arrest  and detention of pro freedom leaders and youth and demanded their immediate release. Later on the occasion, some survivors of the Hawal incident recalled their bone chilling experiences of the black day. A short film portraying the hawal incident was also shown to the big gathering.



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