‘If Liquor is Matter of Choice then why ban Beef’, Mirwaiz asks Govt



Chairperson Hurriyat Conference (m) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday condemned the refusal of Jammu and Kashmir government to ban liquor in the state, saying “if for the government liquor is a matter of freedom of choice then why the ban on consuming beef.”

Stressing that not banning liquor in Kashmir was a “tactical” approval of the government to its sale and consumption, the Mirwaiz said this would mean pushing people towards waywardness and health hazards.

In a statement issued here, Mirwaiz said it was unfortunate that while Bihar government had taken reformative measures of banning the sale of liquor in Bihar, Jammu Kashmir, despite being a Muslim-majority state, was witnessing “government patronage” in its sale and consumption.

Stating that if sale and consumption of liquor, which is strictly prohibited in Islam, was a matter of  “freedom of choice”, as referred by finance minister Haseeb Drabu, then why was sale and consumption of beef, which is permitted in Islam, banned in the state.

Promising to carry forward the movement against the sale and consumption of liquor, he said the land of Reshis and Sufi saints would not be allowed to be polluted by liquor and alcoholic drinks.

Mirwaiz also appealed the Ulema, Imams and respectable Muslim citizens of the state to come forward and join the movement for ban on sale and consumption of liquor in the state.


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