Implement Jan 5 Resolutions Related to Kashmir Dispute, Shabir Shah Appeals Ban Ki Moon



Shabir Shah
Shabir Shah

Terming the lingering Kashmir dispute as threat to peace and stability of South Asia, the incarcerated Chairman of Democratic Freedom Party, Shabir Ahmad Shah Monday appealed the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon to implement the January 5 resolutions related to Kashmir dispute.

Highlighting briefly the Government of India’s “stubbornness and coercive policy”, Shah said the presence of 7 lakh Indian forces in Kashmir is the reason of unabated human rights violations taking place here and black laws. Reiterating his appeal to world leadership to play its role with regard to Kashmir issue, Shah said the peace in South Asia is impossible without its resolution. “It is unfortunate that while UN is interested in resolving other disputes of the world, it is downplaying this vexed issue which boosts India to commit crimes against the Kashmiris.”

Presenting the memorandum to Ban Ki Moon, Shah said Jammu and Kashmir is not any border dispute but an issue concerning the fate of 15 million population and if it is not resolved at earliest, all endeavours aimed at ensuring peace in South Asia will go waste. Shah said on one hand, India is seeking the UN membership and on other side, is scuttling the voices and rights and is violating the charters of this very institution.

The DFP Chairman expressed hope that UN as a “responsible institution will take notice of how India is involved in grave human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir and how it suppresses the people of this region and has made their life a hell”.

Commenting on the 18 resolutions passed in the United Nations, Shah said Jammu Kashmir is the only region regarding which no further development has taken place vis-à-vis implementation of UN resolutions.”As such, India is trying new methods of suppression and repression. The UN must fulfil the purpose for which it was created,” he said.

Meanwhile, Shah appealed the people to uphold the communal harmony in the state saying we are struggling for a greater cause. “We must refrain from every activity that may lead to communal disharmony,” Shah said.


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