SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister and Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic President (JKPDP), Mehbooba Mufti while talking at Agenda Aaj Tak has termed new India as the “Godse’s India”.

“This is new India. This is Godse’s India, not Gandhi’s India. And the Naya Kashmir that is being created is also Godse’s Kashmir, where I am not allowed to talk, where my gate is locked twice a week,” Mehbooba said.

“This is Godse’s Kashmir. This is not my Gandhi’s Kashmir or Nehru’s Kashmir.”

She said that while there’s no denying that security forces have done a “wonderful job”, but she said that they should not be used to further political ends.

“There’s no denying that security forces have done a wonderful job. They have helped create an environment where elections are possible, people are able to come out and vote but if you think that you can fire on Kashmiris from the shoulders of the security forces, then you are meting out injustice with security personnel. This is not their job,” she said.

“There has to be a political process, a dialogue process, a reconciliation process, if you really want to make a Naya Kashmir. That won’t happen by showing a snow covered Gulmarg.”

She asked for the government to return the dead body of Aamir Magray to his family. Aamir was recently killed in an alleged ‘gunfight’ at Hyderpora.

“Amir Magray’s sister is still awaiting his dead body who was working as a labour, serving tea at the office. He was used as a shield and his family is waiting for his dead body.”

Terming Kashmir as a laboratory, Mehbooba said that things are first tested in Kashmir then implemented throughout the country. “You people might be thinking that it is happening in Kashmir. It won’t happen to us. It is not like that. Kashmir has become a laboratory.”

She said that Kashmir has been turned into a graveyard. “Our trust has been betrayed. One that you call Naya Kashmir, has been turned into a graveyard, where people are being locked at their homes. If somebody dares to talk, even when a journalist talks, he is slapped with UAPA. UAPA is in fact being slapped across the country, be it a comedian, a grocer, a doctor,” she said.


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