In the name of Allah Bandipora youth joined BJP

Tahir Bhat


Dozens of People in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Friday were seen in a video on social networking site Facebook joining Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Once the video was uploaded, it instantly went viral.

Screenshot of video

In a first such kind of incident people were seen supporting the BJP openly and welcoming them with Islamic slogans.

People were seen raising Islamic slogans like “Naari Takbeer Allah o Akbar” and pro-BJP slogans “BJP zindabad”.

They were also raising slogans like “waseem sahab aage badho hum tamare saat hai” and “kaul sahib aage badho hum tumare saat hai.”

The video took the social networking site on storm. People reacted differently and many people share it on their pages.

“It happens everywhere all over the world. There are always black sheep in every society. So don’t use word Kashmiris. There are ppl who sell everything for wealth and luxury. But at the same time there are also ppl who sacrifice their wealth luxury everything for the sake of justice freedom and peace. So we should not give sermons for whole kashmir and kashmiris. Don’t curse. Kashmir have already seen and going through a lot of things. Pray to Allah May peace and justice prevail soon. Ameen.” Wrote Muhammad Owais in comments.

Another Facebook user, Pankaj Raina while applauding such a move commented, “Kashmir game is over. This is the 2nd time in the last 27 years that KMs have understood that pursuit of ill-fated aazadi is going to destroy the valley and it’s residents only. They by now would and should realise that when a small country like Israel is not leaving a inch of its land how will a big country like India. And that too when Modi is the PM. Educated KMs will also eventually move out to rest of India and settle for their livelihood, abandoning the so called jihadi mindset.”



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